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There is a lot of cooking oil, salt, and pork in the Chinese diet. I'd say that China, especially in the north and west of the country, has the least healthy diet among East/Southeast Asian countries. The lower overall caloric intake and reduced intake of refined sugars masks a lot of the bad diet as they are less likely to be obese.

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What's the SWOT analysis of doing an AMA during a case?

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Do you prefer people who weren't captured?

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(as a proofreader with no understanding of physics) Why is it that so many papers I read on the physics of small things start with some assurance that whatever is about to be discussed really isn't all that difficult to understand or counterintuitive? Is this an on-going joke?

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In the southeast, I've only been to Xiamen (unless you count Hong Kong or a layover in Shanghai). The food there was much healthier on average than pretty much everywhere else I've been in China. It was a lot of great tropical fruits and seafood. The teas were mostly unsweetened and traditional. The massive Taiwanese influence adds a lot of lovely spice.