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Just listened to it:

  • He says he's for taxation as in the state of Washington there have been positive outcomes, but that he doesn't like the smell.

  • He also says he's for it but it needs to come with an educational program as he states, "I've known people who've smoked marijuana for a long time, and some people are simply unaffected, but for some people, it just makes them stupider."

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Link doesn't work

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an attack on my character based on a negative attribute you made up... cool

why did you leave your house at the last possible minute

Assuming I leave late for things is weird. Not sure where you picked that up? fyi I usually arrive earlier than nearly everyone I work with.

it’s not a life or death situation

Why do you keep bringing up things nobody was talking about? My comment specifically said when there’s an ally or curb spot right the-fuck there. Getting pretty defensive there. Attacking my character because I asked a question you didn’t like because you’re, admittedly, guilty of it.

What makes you think I can read people's mind and know why other people might do that?

Uh... you said “ask me anything” and there’s plenty of other comments where you did just this... assuming other employees smoke and drive.

it would take longer to actually park it, than just go up to someone's door, and right back to the van.

Oh by all means, block everybody else. God forbid you do what post office trucks do and find a driveway, ally way, corner spot, etc and walk a little bit.

you can wait the 60 seconds.

Oh I can? Thank you so much! You’re so gracious. This definitely isn’t the mentality I’d expect someone treating the road as their own to have.

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Why do you guys park in the middle of the street when there’s an ally or curb spot right the-fuck there?