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Hi Professor!

Love your videos, what are your thoughts on flushing? I don't believe I've seen one on that yet.

There's lots of wild theories out there about this one.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Can you please elaborate on how pinching the meristem is beneficial in this stage? You had me tioned branching but isn't the plant done branching by this point? Does it force more energy into the non apical parts?

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I'd bet the marketing guy, Chris, messed up the word and Prof. Bugbee actually said veg. No way no way are they actually topping during flower since there is no more "branching" that occurs at that point, it's all stretch.

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This is true - those are called Landrace strains - they are endemic to specific regions and are difficult to grow outside of their area because they've become so acclimated to a region.

At the same time though! While the plant is extremely resilient, you can go VERY specific and precise with growing it in optimal conditions (unique to each strain) and it will explode and look beautiful and taste better!

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please tell me you're having the marketing dude write up some super eloquent reply!!