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Somewhat random question not exactly about Zimbabwe. I was born and raised in Zambia before I moved out in 1994. Back then we used to drive down to Zimbabwe and it used to feel like we had entered another world. Roads that were actually good. Really big malls and supermarkets with quite a few multinational corporations. Very different from how Zambia was. So it was really sad to hear about how things changed in Zimbabwe over the next decade or so.

Would you happen to know what happened to Zambia before you left? Did it get better or worse?

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I know the current protests in HK are about the extradition law (and various other things), but I feel that the undercurrent is that HK basically wants independence from China. Am I right in thinking that or do people from Hong Kong accept being a part of China and just want more autonomy?

And if it is in fact an independence movement, China will view it as an attempt at secession. Most countries in the world will not tolerate secession (a recent example that comes to mind is Spain and Catalonia) but I feel like China will be much harsher than most countries would be. What lengths would China go to to actually stop independence if it came to it?