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I do not know anyone that is infected.

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We can still go out to buy groceries, but since we are not allowed to drive, we can only get it from nearby grocery stores. Gov't aid a bunch of necessities to the city. They distribute the goods to the grocery stores, broadcast about the aid so that people don't panic and buy out everything in the grocery store.

We can still order deliveries, but it is very hard. First, there are barely any restaurants that are open. Second, It's very difficult to order from the restaurant that's open because a lot of people are ordering from them, they are over capacity. Lastly, the delivery person cant deliver far since they have to travel on foot.

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no, i dont think anyone dare to jack up the price. one pharmacy got a big find for selling overprice mask.

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I want to go out and eat a big meal. There is a chicken hot pot place that I like a lot, I miss it and I want to go there as soon as the situation gets better.

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so in wuhan now, outside of every public service location, there are quarantine stations with officers station in it. Anyone go in and out will need to have temperature measured. If they found anyone thats suspicious of carrying the disease, they will ask you in detail of where you been ect.

I think everyone is taking this quarantine very serious. i havent heard anyone reported someone who has the disease, but im sure there are. for real if someone is sick, he/she is likly staying at home self qurantine, or go to hospital, not walking on the street activly trying to spread it.