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I'd like to order a pizza for the SOPA opponents, and a round of turd sandwiches for the supporters.


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Have you talked to Sabu since he allegedly snitched on you?

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... or they indicate they believe in God because they see him in the mirror every morning.

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That's it, I'm uninstalling the internet. I have successfully exhausted its potential to show me something new.

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Hello GReAT!

I routinely am asked what the best commercial antivirus is, and I typically respond "Kaspersky, but I don't recommend you install it" due to concerns of how much you send back your cloud, and the dynamics of the inevitable cooperation you have with the FSB and other Russian state security institutions. Given the declining relationship between our two countries since the "Russia Reset", how would you assuage the privacy and security concerns of a potential US customer who also isn't looking to have their documents reviewed at Лубянская площадь?