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Would you agree that the government funding of student loans (FFEL), first begun in 1965, has contributed to the rise in college tuition?

If the government is paying, doesn't that incentivize colleges to charge more?

I've always felt this is a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. The government loaned money to students to pay for college, the Universities then hiked up prices, and the government kept giving loans. If Biden actually steps up and cancels the debt, he will only be undoing a problem created by the government.

How can more government involvement in college education, beyond canceling the debt, result in anything other than further problems?

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Neither party seems willing to actually do something about it though.

To me, this seems like a problem created by government. So how can we expect it to be solved by the same government?

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Can you provide a rebuttal of any substance, or are you just going to group me in with something you don't like and act as though that makes some kind of point?

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Thank you. I will take a look at that book. There couldn't be a better description of the situation most Americans find themselves in than in the words "debt trap".

It just feels like we're all in some kind of hamster wheel. We work jobs to earn a currency that only has value in that it can be traded back to the same companies from which we receive the currency in the first place.

A handful of corporations own literally everything. We all live and die at the will of the few. It's just slavery with extra steps.

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I can't tell if your being facetious or not.

I am not in any way aligned with r/antiwork

More often than not, I'm accused of being a conservative.