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whomever casts Star Wars Episode 7 needs to see this

Looks like you meet all the qualifications!

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Hi Lynn! Thanks for the AMA! You should drop by /r/climbing one day, we'd love to chat with you over there.

My question is this: I was recently in Joshua Tree and I had the opportunity to try the LHMFP...great line, didnt send but hopefully next time when its a little less hot. What is your favourite boulder problem of all time?

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Hi Kevin and Tommy! /r/climbing and /r/bouldering chiming in. I've been following your careers for years now. Looking forward to watching the film!

Whats next on the horizon for you guys? Any more big boulders in the future or do you have your sites set on another wall climb?

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Hey Lynn, did you ever get Letterman out on real rock?

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follow up question: will the mainstream media ever be able to understand climbing or will they forever view it as dangerous and something that no one without a few screws loose would ever do?