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Haha! The sound of crisp lettuce really helps sell when someone bites something and the whole room goes awkwardly quiet.

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I had once hoped for that but I really don’t think it’s possible. More often than not our Foley is quite down in the mix so hearing it clean doesn’t happen a lot. I know which artists work as most studios so I can tell by the studio/production.

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I've been very lucky to have known for most of my life I wanted to be a Foley Artist. I've worked in audio since I was 13.

I always thought I'd be a good barber...

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Grey’s Anatomy has quite a bit of Foley. Lots of backgrounds walking. As I stated before, all that matters is dialogue on set. Most everything else is sound effects/Foley.

I had to do cunnilingus. That was certainly interesting.

If I can’t get the sound in my head out I chat with sound effects editor and we collaborate on it together.

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Oh all the time. I love when that happens. I get jealous I didn’t get to work on it!