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Unfortunately the reality of geography doesn't allow Kashmir to be so.

Kashmir as a tiny country wouldn't survive. Half of Kashmir was already eaten up by Pakistan even before Indian involvement. A year or two later it'll be either invaded again by Pakistan or will be mired with meddling from China/Pakistan/India. Unless these three countries become best friends and decide to not use Kashmir for advantage, which is unlikely.

Kashmir is not a land, it's people. If you count as the human development of Kashmiri people as a win, and not some artificial line drawn on land, you have to think practically rather than emotionally.

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First of all, I apologize in advance on behalf of ignorant children from both (India and Pakistan) sides. I hope you understand that hot blooded young people on both sides of the fence have been indoctrinated into hating each other, and well, generally not mature enough yet.

Second, Eid Mubaarak! Hope you and your family are well.

I know all the talk is about Article 370 right now, but I would like to ask things beyond that:

  1. I've been fortunate to have had company of both Kashmiris and Pakistanis in close quarters. When discussing how the desired autonomous state would function, one thing I invariably disagreed with is the role of Religion in governance. It varied from total Sharia law in Kashmir to "Islamic democracy" ala Pakistan. How religious do you think is a normal everyday Kashmiri?
  2. Now that Kashmir is basically governed directly from centre (which has been the case for last year or so anyway, right) what would you say are the biggest civil issues should be addressed? Education? Infrastructure? Environment?
  3. Instability notwithstanding, what do you think will be Kashmir's biggest economic driver in future?
  4. What should be encouraged, What should be discouraged in Kashmir valley?

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Google trends is not journalism. And max 100 hits, from a country with 1 billion population isn't even correct statistical source.

This "reporter" basically looked over search trend result for "Kashmiri Girls" and "Marry Kashmiri girl". I concede that whoever is searching "Marry kashmiri girl" isn't exactly a woman-respecting individual, but I don't get how searching "Kashmiri girl" equals to "Indians are fetishizing Kashmiri girls"

Any person with reasonable knowledge of statistics and social media behaviour would not even consider this as a news. But you made me look up.

Here are trends results from Pakistan for "Kashmiri Girls"

Trend results from Pakistan for "Marry Kashmiri Girls"

You can observe similar result trends as the original "news report". Am I to call all Pakistani males to be sexual deviants now?

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I was talking about 1947 when Pakistan invaded Kashmir before they could decide on Independence

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For India it's that it doesn't want another Unstable (economically and socially) Islamic theocracy at their doorstep.

Can't speak for Pakistan though, but it comes across mostly as an ego thing (which they carry out under the guise of Islam by saying Kashmir is muslim so it should be in Pakistan, still failing to understand India is a home to all religions)