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What percentage of people that see you and recognize you in public make that known by saying, "Damn it, Jerry"? I'd heard that Mila Kunis hears "Shut up, Meg" from Family Guy fans all the time, so I was curious.

Know that even if that's how we say hello to you, we love you dearly.

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Certain ideas or products can get inadvertently championed by fictional figures. I'd previously sent a message to the Lagavulin distillery to ask them how their sales were impacted by being mentioned as the drink of choice for Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson played by Nick Offerman. (They claimed they hadn't done any research into the matter, but are also releasing an 11-year Offerman Edition).

Ron Swanson's demeanor on the show frequently trends towards stoicism, and I'm sure there are other great examples of fictional characters that exemplify tenets of stoicism. Could you point towards any increase of interest in stoicism that you would attribute towards the actions of fictional characters? And if so, which fictional characters are frequently listed as being stoics?