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Being from the production side of fashion myself...this is just about the only way to make any kind of positive impact on carbon...planting trees and doing other similar things w the profits your company makes. Nearly every type of fiber and textile is terrible for the environment, unless you want to be paying scads of money for hand spun and woven fabrics made by indigenous peoples(indian khadi might be the best option costwise).

Good on you for trying to do something other than profit.

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You aren't delivering pizzas, you are knocking on the doors of people who are purposefully not filling out those census forms. Some of them are scared, some of them are.crazy, some are dangerous..we are talking gun toting tin foil hat motherfuckers. Be careful.

Source: did 2000 census canvasing in a rural college town. Had weapons pulled on me several times by people who thought the census was some nefarious govt tracking plot. These days you will also have scared illegal aliens in some of those houses. Just be careful...and don't wax legal with these guys about how they have to answer the questions, it ain't worth it.

Edit...mostly posting this for other potential canvassers since there will be many who might read this, especially in lower income or rural areas.

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Im lucky to work for a company doing similar stuff. Its hard to do it right and our biggest “give back” is also in the form of eco donation. If you have much use for poly you can check out repreve...they are a good supplier of recycled fibers and several mills use their stuff. We recently switched our production to all repreve fibers...and all packaging is either recycled or biodegradable.

Keep doing right...people respond well to positive action like this. Dont take shortcuts and stay transparent with your efforts, customers aren’t stupid and they’ll catch “cheaters”, but they will be fiercely loyal to a legit brand that does it right. Just stay honest and do your best and people will flock to your stuff. Ive seen it first hand.

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Gotta love all the fancy marketing names for rayon.

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That's only if you think they didn't just task some incompetent intern to do the Reddit post.