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Is a part of you that is glad you were involved in such a monumental day in ATC history? It was an awful day, but air traffic controllers really did something amazing.

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My dad was an FAA controller as a career, but he retired a few months before the attacks. I know a part of him definitely wishes he was still working on that day. It doesn't eat away at him or anything, but it's just something that people who work as controllers would want to do.

Anyway, thanks for your service! It's a stressful and behind-the-scenes job, and I don't think many people realize how much of an impact you all have in their daily lives.

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Thanks a bunch for the information. I appreciate your time!

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I've been applying to some law enforcement jobs on USAJobs, but it seems that US Probation jobs aren't usually listed on that site. Would you say that applying in general is similar though (i.e. what the resume should look like)?

Also, what is the job like in terms of carrying a weapon, etc. Are you sworn federal law enforcement? Does it vary from district to district?

Thanks for your time!