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In Win 8, the new Storage Spaces feature works pretty well. I have an existing 14TB space, and it's seamless.

My question however appears to be around an issue adding new spare drives to an existing Storage Space. I have two 3TB internal drives, but am unable to update the storage Space size.

The Total Pool Capacity shows: 20.0 TB The Available Pool Capacity: 14.2 TB

Storage Space size (maximum): This is where I get the error. I'm unable to increase this to the 20.0 TB capacity. I just receive an error " The Specified Size Is Not Valid". I've even tried a smaller value, say 19TB, to no avail. For the moment, I had to create a second 6TB Storage Space to use the drives.

I first found this bug back in May: https://twitter.com/sonician/status/338102098728214528 Any assistance you can provide would be great.

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Hello Michael! I've been a long time follower on both your blog and Twitter. I guess this question is pretty straight-forward.

Do you think that with the recent NSA revelations, and the public opinion being that it's "not such a big deal", that we're reaching a turning point that anonimity and privacy will soon be a thing of the past?

For years you've worked hard to keep the public informed and knowledgable about what's going on, their digital rights, and so on, but yet the vast majority don't seem to care, or at least, don't mind it, in the "interests of national/international security".

The media has done an amazing job of towing the government line that this is all for a good reason, without much investigative journalism happening.