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Since you're a meat manager, I've gotta know...

How many Gift Hams do you sell at Christmas?

My husband works at a Costco Depo and "Gift Ham" is a big running joke.

Give her what she wants this Christmas. Give her the gift....of ham

songbird8084 karma

Really? Shows what I know. I mean, I could have asked my husband, but he's too busy sleeping right now, haha.

I've honestly never seen Gift Ham. It's existence is only a legend to me. Apperently it's a big seller in New Jersey, but not in Georgia, where we relocated.

Have you ever noticed how what stock stores get can sometimes be low-key racist? Probably not, since you don't manage other stores, but fun fact:

Stores in areas with a higher concentration of black people regularly receive more pallets of watermelon than other stores in the summer. When he worked in the NJ depo, he said it was a weird feeling to notice that.