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Why not just take the prerequisites for RN school? EMTs generally make less than CNAs do. Especially if a CNA works as a patient care tech in a hospital. Plus, its easier to get a job when you already work in the hospital.

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Are you over hiking now? I remember being very done with hiking after the Annapurna circuit. Congrats by the way, sounds like an amazing experience. Nepal is stunning.

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Thanks for doing this! So many questions.

Thoughts on Supply Side Jesus? Why is this worldview so popular with christians despite Jesus getting upset when people bought and sold stuff in the temple. Why is there such a big disconnect from the teaching of Jesus compared to modern day christians? Where is the empathy?

Why is the anti-vaccine and mask crowd so tied up with Christians? I can’t tell you how many I’ve talked to that said god told them not to get it. Shame he didn’t also tell them the winning lotto numbers.