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When i used to record musicians i would secretly press record, tell them we're doing one practice take, then after that tell them i am pressing record now for the real takes. Guess which one ended being used half the time...

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what did/do you make of radiohead? fan of their stuff? how was it supporting them, I can imagine them liking you more than some of their fans do, if you see what i mean

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Do all teams search for element n+1, n+2 where n is highest known? Or is it feasible for some of them to fuck that off and go straight for n+5 or n+10 without having found the intervening ones?

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All M.O. albums up to and including Visions of the Emerald Beyond are basically essential masterpieces

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I'm only on my phone but the staccato doesnt sound very... staccato to me. It sounds like it is just due to short bursts of breath rather than the clipped, tighter envelopes and percussive edge of a tongued staccato. Am I right, there is no sensor for tonguing?

Just nitpicking, dont mean to be rude. It sounds a lot better than the EWI my mate had 15 years ago!