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Wow, great answer, I appreciate it!

While my personal situation is one thing, its good to see some background/insider info on the thought processes of doctors.

Not that I mean to offend you or anything but I'm likely going to just continue on with the method I've adopted that works for me when interfacing with the healthcare system. That is, research the problem myself and try things out and only once those things fail, see a doctor.

Another example from my personal life is sleep issues, but I only made one attempt at a doctor for that problem before I decided to just start eating edibles every night.

It works, I feel good, I don't really see a need to address a problem that isn't a problem anymore. Also, like you said, something nebulous like that would likely take multiple appointments over a long span of time to actually get any kind of semi-solid medical opinion on.

Not to say I won't go to the ER or something if I break my leg, the medical system seems to be extremely good at that type of thing.

In any event, I appreciate your time and effort. Thanks again.

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I'm avoidant of medical treatment, not because I don't think treatment itself is helpful, but because oftentimes unless you have an emergent issue doctors seem like they're mostly guessing at your problem.

Example from my life, haven't had morning wood naturally since 17, am mid 30s. Went to doc, said lose weight, gave me cialis sampler. Lost 33% of my bodyweight and kept it off for ~18 months but problem persisted, doc shrugged, gave up and told me to see a therapist.

I've just continued buying cialis on the internet since it seems to work for my problem.

What would you say to someone like me, who finds going to the doctor pointless, even if there is some kind of issue?