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Hey -

I always have a tough time finding employment because I don’t sell myself well. It takes me a lot of in-person interviews to find a good fit and to get those you need to get beyond whatever candidate system they use.

Luckily after a long stretch of being underemployed I landed a good job. But I also had the means to conduct that search and a lot of people do not.

This may take some development time, but I would love the ability to donate money to sponsor peoples subscriptions, or support development initiatives targeted at low income job seekers, or something.

I wouldn’t have gotten to where I was career wise without help from others and I’d like to share the love.

Just an idea.

somehipster41 karma

Even the option of a “Subscriber+” that allows me to pay for myself and I get a code for a free year to handout in a subreddit or something.

Either way thank you for taking the time to think of others. Easiest sub of my life.