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This makes me so sad to see it treated in such a disrespectful way.

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Why does your Android app constantly try to connect to Facebook without my permission? What kind of user tracking are you trying to do? This is very disturbing, particularly in a financial product.

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So why didn't you register as a non-profit? Have you posted your financials anywhere so we can see exactly where the money is going? Or are you in fact intending to run this as a for-profit business? That's fine if so, but then it's not just "a fun way to make pen pals."

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Isn't MarketWatch basically a tabloid blog at this point, with no editorial standards that will publish anything? Why do the majority of their articles have nothing to do with the stock market? How is student debt related to the stock market? How long until the University of Phoenix is on NASDAQ?

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You get to play again every week already, I'm not seeing how this could even be an advantage.