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I used to have a friend. He told me a story of when he was arrested.

The gaurds came around and informed the other prisoners that an old man had been arrested for molesting/killing a baby. There was a particular prisoner who had a baby girl of his own and clearly felt very strongly about it.

The prisoners were sharing cells, and they swapped this guy into the old man's cell. My friend could hear the old man being assulted, and afterwards the gaurds came by and had all the other prisoners sign a statement saying the old man died of natural causes.

Edit: It's a story from a friend of mine. I realize it may not be true but he seemed pretty sincere when he told me. He was being honest at the time about having been charged for requesting sex from a minor, so I don't see why would he bother lying about this.

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Walk Hard is one of my favourite movies. Look forward to watching again soon.

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bro people have like literally square kilometers of land sitting idling doing nothing while hardworking people can't afford a place to live in the city.

who tricked you into being mad at those left behind by the system instead of those exploiting it

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It's a story from a friend, but from what I understand the statements were to establish that the old man died on his own, not to establish cause of death.

This wasn't in prison-prison, this was in some transitional/holding area if that matters.