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Yeah... once we got to the aliens, I just kind of lost interest.

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Only 6 people watched The Site - you and 5 other people in my family.

Lessons i took for my career was that it's really hard to live in San Francisco on $30,000 a year (just kidding!).

That was a fun show, but way ahead of its time. We reported on the internet every night. Who would have thought there would be enough to talk about on the internet, about the internet? It was the first show that was an anchor job for me, and I think the main thing that I took away from it was how the people around you can create a really good ecosystem. People were incredibly kind to me for this being my first anchoring gig, and I've tried to repay that kindness when I've had the chance to be the veteran and someone else was the newbie.

This was 1996. It was a show that launched with MSNBC when the network launched. And we did "Do you wanna search for your adopted child? HTML will show you how to do it!"

Here's an old example of devnull: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuRPNs3jTJ8

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Never watch it. Literally, I don't think I've ever watched it for 5 minutes.

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Every experience I've had where Anderson Cooper was also there reporting meant you got THE BEST PERKS. i.e. Heaters during the inauguration, food and water during Hurricane Katrina, so obviously I am going to pick any side that Anderson is on.

So we would win.

Megyn Kelly's team would come in second place. I don't know her at all, but new moms (for the most part) have very little tolerance for time wasting and bullshit, so I think she would just kick some ass and move on to the next thing.

Nancy Grace has twins, and I'm a mom of twins. So she too clearly has high pain tolerance, and would take third place easily.

Much love to Chris, and Rachel, and Ed. But seriously?

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I believe that not based off of me, but that's what i look like when I roll out of bed- just. like. her.