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Hey Phil! I used to watch your show religiously but have fallen off the wagon after finding sites like this one. I get all my news and funny bits from here now. Can you give me a reason to come back?

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Dems are too focused on what Republicans think rather than bringing out their base and new voters. When’s the last time you heard Republicans say “but what about the moderate Democrats!?” Of course there was division in the primary, but when it came down to it in many caucuses, unviable Yang voters went to Bernie due to their progressive overlap. Bernie and Yang both tapped into the disenfranchised voter block, many of whom will be sitting the election out now. But hey at least we’ve got theoretical Republicans.

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So he backed him because he was leading? Usually people endorse because they agree with them and think their presidency would benefit the country. Yang didn’t seem to agree with Biden, in fact, in an early interview he said Biden would be going backwards as a country.

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I know you most for your work as back up right fielder for Economy Paint Supply.

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Welp, it's worked before.