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sol_plaatje_writes2 karma

Hi. What aspects of modern society do you think I should certainly not reintroduce when I take over my corner of the world post-apocalypse? Some stuff is easy like racism and witch-hunts. Is there anything that seems like a really good idea but is actually probably bad?

For example I think we will probably have stricter sexual mores in a post-contraception world, but I don't think the old patriarchy makes more sense than, say, matrilineal property inheritance. That seems like the system we should have had from the start.

sol_plaatje_writes2 karma

Might be a good idea to rather choose people who do have genocides on their conscience? I want people to remember how evil and tyranny evolve.

sol_plaatje_writes1 karma

Thanks a lot for the response. I'll do my best.