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I just have to comment that I had to get my dog off craigslist, because I too had difficulty finding a shelter in my area that would adopt to apartments or first-time dog owners. The fact that I used to babysit both rottweilers and mastiffs during my summers was irrelevant.

I understand that shelters don't like getting burned with returns, but ownership criteria can get really ridiculous.

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My aunt was paying $900 a month for her personal insurance last year as a clinical psychologist. The ACA is saving her a boatload of money.

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Is Ohio north?

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Thanks for throwing the question in his face in the most polite way possible. Your hardship reminds me of the plight most middle-class families would go through for an extreme medical emergency. I hope in our lifetime we are able to dedicate more resources to assist people with medical needs.

I do not consider physical therapy a medical luxury for you. It is a medical need that could increase your independence. That's an investment, not a handout (besides which, I don't care if it's a handout).

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Your thesis is only true if non-unionized shops cannot possibly pay as much as unionized shops, which isn't true.