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I worked EMS for years and the plain truth is things like this arbitrarily happen without reason. You did all that was humanly possible before and after this man passed. You separated yourself from everyone else that night who did nothing but yell at you, honk their horns and basically do nothing to help the situation. You did all of that under the worst possible circumstances as well.

The most important thing to do is to seek out professional help for PTSD. I'm positive that this man would not have wanted someone's life ruined as a result of his life ending.

You did a good job. Now it's time to finish it. Talk to someone.

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as someone from north oc, i can confirm that there's no shortage of rich classless sacks of shit in south oc.

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can't leave it there, it's a sin.

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it really can. ptsd ruined my sister's life.

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what bands were you in?