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Hi! Thank you, this is a great question. People with disabilities want you to approach them and ask questions and say hello instead of just staring at them. I have had so many experiences with children getting pulled away from me because they wanted to ask me a question. I welcome questions and people approaching me when I’m in public. I’m just like any other 22 year old girl and I have a lot of the same interests that any 22-year-old would have.

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I like this question a lot. I would say that my disability has given me a lot of blessings through the wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet and the different experiences I’ve had due to my disability. The medical aspects of my disability are definitely very difficult as I’ve had 27 surgeries. I am so grateful to be alive still as I was given a one percent chance of survival. Overall, I wouldn’t change my disability or my life for anything.

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I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and hang out with other people in the disability community.

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I used to swim competitively for nine years! I am now retired.

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I would say the key to happiness is accepting the things that you can’t change and changing the things that you can change. I think happiness is different for every single person, but happiness has to come from within yourself. There are several things about my disability that I could complain about, but I try to live my life the best I can every day. I find psychology interesting as a subject in general.