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What about UNESCO? I mean, its budhistic and Dalai Lama got enough "public power" to convince some powerfull politicians.

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Firstly, i want to wish you good luck in your fight and thank you :) Secondly... Have you ever tried to contact Chinese goverment? I know, it would change anything, but it costs nothing...

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Hello, i am big fan of healthy lifestyle etc. :) What do you think about imminent fasting? :) Do you think that healthy fats may also play important role? :) As far as i am concerned, Greeks and Italians are using "excessive amounts of olive oil", while Japanese love fish (one of the healthiest fat source). And at least, what do you think about role of stress? Greeks and Italians are known for some kind of i dont care mentality. I mean, for example, Italians like to say smth like: There is always Sunday in Italy. :D Is your study taking mortality as the whole, or just from the diseases? Japan got some of the highest suicude rates in the world. And at last, are those communities eating Soy? :P Thank you for your answers :)

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Good luck, i am just afraid that its business and they wont care about the history :(

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So men who likes redhead are orangutan offsprings, right? :D