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tl:dr maintenance is a bitch

I have a retired Navy buddy. He once told me the reason he had a hatred for the planes he worked on. I am not quoting here but summarizing from memory:

Every time a plane goes up something breaks. And whoever designed these things never thought about the poor bastard that would have to take it apart to fix it.

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Hearing aid user here: Does the implant have/use batteries? Is there anything mounted to your head? Anything irritating about it? Heck, can you just generally describe the implant, how it sits on your body, and how it works?

BTW, have fun rediscovering sounds. It took me about a year before I stopped asking my wife questions like, "what is that weird noise?... That's the refridgerator?!?"

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What happens to product that is repo'd? I assume product is liquidated and then funds sent to the lien holder. How and who liquidates it?

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How close are different regions to water catastrophe? Are reservoirs running dry?

What area is at the highest risk?

What are early warning signs that the average person can watch for? (drop in water pressure at house?)

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How did you come to be, or what drove you to report in conflict zones?

Did you seek it out? Or is it more of a thrust upon you being the low man on the totem pole situation?