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In your opinion was there anything going on between Virtue and Moir, or are they just amazing actors?

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Your family is AMAZING (aside from his parents of course). Did he come out of the closet himself?

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I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding! I was just craving to watch it recently! I heard through the grape vine that the film was shot down several times because no one was interested in having you play Fotoula based on your looks. Personally I think you are beautiful and no one else could have done the film justice. Could you elaborate on this experience? Is it even true?

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An eye for an eye and the world would be blind. This technique didn't work for him, how would it help her?

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Hey there,

Forbidden Fruit is gorgeous. I'm interested in the story of the lady and yourself meeting. What song were you playing when she came by? Did she approach you right away? Randomly ask you for your info to stay in contact? Were you worried it was some weird scam or something before making the trip out? Did she book you the shows, or did someone else discover you while in the US?

Thanks and congrats :)