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  1. He had a legal, open exemption. End of story.

  2. The degree of performance aid given by steroids or other PEDs versus Adderall isn't even remotely close.

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I've worked as a freelancer -- albeit in the same general field, communications -- for over 15 years now.

Every single workplace I've been in, and we're talking dozens and dozens, has been irrational, dysfunctional, wasteful and on and on and on. Every single one. And I don't think it's just my take. Everyone I know seems to realize work is just broken these days.

How do you prepare students for this? That they're not going to be judged on their actual output or skills, but ability to navigate the insanity and not be the one who gets blamed for the inevitable?

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Just jumping in because sometimes scientists don’t necessarily see the dynamic...

Our vast wealth disparity gives the .001% incredible power and incentive to muddy the public sphere as much as possible.

They want to destroy rationality itself, because shoveling national wealth at the ultra ultra ultra wealthy is fundamentally irrational.

If you want to promote rational thinking, work to destroy the .001%’s stranglehold on us all.

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Not the AMA person, but just as someone who has seen this for years:

People in your role need to be smooth talking. You'll be judged on how quickly and fluidly you speak and answer questions. You'll need to learn to speak in a way that is professional yet leaves some ambiguity on purpose. You'll need to remember everyone's name and title -- a very successful boss I once had attributed nearly all his success to that.

And when the shtf, you'll be ready to blame the worker bees -- the designers, copywriters and other scapegoats at the bottom of the ladder.

Rinse, repeat, advance.

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Right, let’s pretend the ultra ultra wealthy (think wealthiest 400 families in the US) don’t have massive impact on discourse across the polity.

Let’s pretend they don’t fund the think tanks, own the radio conglomerates, influence corporate media outlets, own the corporations, heavily fund campaigns and politicians.

Let’s pretend this demographic doesn’t have the most extreme interest in maintaining their wealth, power and privilege.

Let’s pretend they won’t go to any lengths to do so.