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Thanks, very kind. Nuh,

I think there was one big hit of grief for me - realising I'd miss 20 years of life so many events with family etc.

Probably took me a week or two to process that but since then it's just plodding forward to the next mini-goal

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No problem,

I'm pretty low normally on the empathy scale... so I'm told -)

My wife is understandably very upset, and I think I'm a bit better now at understanding her.

So not a lot of change.

But, I'm now Very aware of how many people are going through all sorts of terrible Health problem.

Always super grateful to live where I do!

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  1. Giving a presentation on Wikipedia to some old folks on Tuesday

  2. Yup.

  3. Sorta required to get past the recruiters. There's lots of good stuff there, and if you put in the work it'll be good

4.Looks pretty darn good

  1. It's a big list...

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About a dozen, from maybe 10 countries. Not really some are silly, some artworks etc. One came in a envelope covered in old trad stamps from way back - that was cool.

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There's still plenty of cyber security work to be done. Just make a start and then follow whatever path you enjoy the most.

Challenge yourself. I've done some pretty crazy things, and never regretted them.

Gratitude. Can't say it was a big thing for me previous to 3 years ago, but it sure is now.

"Walks" with friends, with me in my Travel Scoot