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That Chicago Meetup was INCREDIBLE! Had so much fun.

I also wasn't in Chicago very long but I did not want to miss out on the food.. I think I ate about 7000 calories one day. No regrets.

As far as missing pro play.. I'm a competitor. I don't think I'll ever stop being one. While I'm not on a stage these days, there is a lot of analogies to building a company.

I do miss my fans though, it's actually been super fun to start streaming again (twice a week). You should swing by at Mon or Wed @ 1PM PST :)

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Absolutely. I'll do my best to summarize without being too long winded :P

  • Discounts with Top Brands in Gaming
  • Curated Knowledge in a Digestible Format from people who've been in the industry for a decade and failed many times!
  • Working through that content with you in Discord but also live during group sessions.
  • A curated community that's serious about streaming, we'll keep the positive vibes and have zero tolerance for trolls/spam. You need to know anything about streaming? You can go to our team or the community to get the answer.
  • Pre-Vetted Service Providers across legal/tax/finance/design for example if you needed a lawyer to vet your contract/sponsorship? we can set you up.

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I actually bumped into Froggen last week in LA :) Not in touch much these days but we do see each other every now and then.

Myself and Krepo always check-in with each other from time to time!

p.s. Can anyone tell me what Pete is doing these days!? So curious! Miss him.

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We've got people joining that haven't started yet but are thinking about doing so, all the way to people who are already doing this full-time but want to know how to take it to the next level.

Firstly, I'd just recommend you calibrate your expectations with what's feasible given your IRL circumstances. You can do this, it'll just take time. Step by Step. You might only be able to commit 3 hours a week right now and then in a few months, 6 hours a week etc.

We can't promise growth, no one can. However, we think we can give you a better shot based on what we've learned.

As for the question on payments, it's every 30 days based on the time you sign up. We can't accommodate custom but if it's a little too much now you can always join us in the next launch in a few months. Prioritize IRL first!

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It won't cover the cost of design work. We do have amazing designers in the community that we've pre-vetted though and the community is keeping them busy! 😂

Our commitment is to curate our knowledge (and the communities) down into a digestible format that we can work through with you from thinking of starting, all the way to building our your team as an established streamer.

We'll be partnering with top brands in the space. We've teamed up with Elgato, NZXT, CORSAIR and Streamlabs for launch where you can save hundreds of dollars.

It's also a place that you know you can come to figure shit it out, you don't have to go it alone and we're going to make sure the community has positive vibes only and is filled with people that are serious about turning this into a career.