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Hello Mr.Webber, as all instigators are, I have a few controversial topics but they are well meant.

!) What will be your policy on illegal immigration? Certain industries rely heavily on low wage workers below minimum wage.

2) What is your position on firearms? I hope you are one of the few in your political party to view the topic from both angles instead of deciding that a barrel shroud is a shoulder thing that goes up.

3) Finally, what is your opinion on LGBTs? Of course this is a personal question unlike what many think, there is no fully correct answer, so if you opt to leave this question unanswered, that is understandable.

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What is by far the most ridiculous carbonated drink you have ever seen/tasted/sold?

What defines a soda? Carbonation, sweetness, etc?

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Thank you for taking time to answer all our questions!