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Would you be open to (short or feature-length) film adaptations of your stories? Why or why not?

What would your superpower be? And your superhero name? :D

Thank you!

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1- What are your thoughts on "the state of" Singapore literature?

Do you think fictional works (including even film, perhaps) can inform our understanding of Singapore's (alternative) history/ies and if so, how? Are there any works that have stood out for you in this regard?

2- Also curious about your thoughts on the extent to which Singapore's official and alternative histories are centered around certain demographics - do you think there has been sufficient + accurate coverage across gender, ethnicity in particular?

Thank you!

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I recently read Sherman Alexie's "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" and it left quite an impression; it was funny, sad and insightful all at once.

The protagonist Junior's sister Mary particularly intrigued me, and I thought of Lola from "Oscar Wao" for some reason. If you've read Alexie's book -- what would Lola say to Mary, if she could?

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Oh yes, I should check that out. Thank you!

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Thank you!