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The problem isn't that we don't have laws to prevent government misconduct.

The problem is that when these laws are broken there is either no penalty prescribed by law or there is no appropriate penalty issued even when prescribed by law.

I deal with this at various levels of government. The meeting they're having is illegal? Oh, okay. We acknowledge that. However there is no penalty so we're going to have it anyway.

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No. If you shoot, you need to shoot to kill. If you're not willing to kill the target, you do NOT need to be using a firearm on them. The use of a firearm is use of lethal force, regardless if it kills them or not.

FMJ is also more likely to over penetrate and hit unintended targets.

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Hey! I saw you guys in Little Rock last night! Awesome show!

Where's your favorite spot to eat in Little Rock?

I saw you guys at Mud Island in Memphis last year as well (or was it this year?). Both shows were great. Do you prefer indoor shows or outdoor shows?

I also wanted to thank all of you guys for the great evening(s)!

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Yes, you shoot center mass to stop the threat. However, if you are not prepared to kill your target, you should not be using lethal force.