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I'm not American. We don't have an opioid crisis in our country. What has caused the massive acceptance of prescribing addictive substances?

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My washing machine doesn't open the door to the drum until the timer has run down. It's an electronic lock, but it has a failover system so the doors still can't open until the power has been restored and the all clear is given.

If it was networked someone could prevent me from opening my washing machine. Which would suck, had Samsung not built a manual override in to frustrate our robot overlords.

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Someone should make a sign for him with those words, so he can put it on his door when he wants some privacy.

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for doing this AMA!

C3PO's and R2D2's suits were claimed to be very uncomfortable for their wearers. How was that with yours? Could you stay in the Boba-suit for a whole shoot or was it just too much?

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Well.. you posted an AMA and didn't show up.. but the fact you took time to reply a day later with an amusingly written apology makes up for a lot in my book.

My apologies as well for flying off the handle. It'd been a hard day for both of us I suspect. :)

A real question from me, though, as a follow-up, if you're still willing to answer: It surprises me that they do have videogames in the British Library. What's the strangest thing (anything, books, manuscripts, vidya games, etc) you've come across in the library?