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Damn - 5K? I wouldn't even risk jail time on a burglary charge for 5K, let alone murder.

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So what was the contract amount he paid to take your life?

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Most likely the husband contacted a hoodlum who was also a confidential informant (CI) for police. A CI can work off charges (usually on a contract) or even make money.

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This is interesting to me. I didn't grow up in wealth, nor in this cultural, so it all seems a strange to me.

How does it feel to call the children "their graces" or other respectful terms, other than their damn names. In my mind, I'm thinking, "fuck those little bastards. I'm calling them Johnny and Susan."

Just different ways of life and I understand that, just hard to grasp it. Are the children respectful to the staff or do they often flex their superiority?

Thanks for your interesting AMA.


Middle Class American

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Prior to listening to music, what did you imagine it would sound like?