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I know someone who can help you. He is very tough and empathetic and works with survivors of untold childhood horrors. He is also a very good person & works for one of the top centers on childhood trauma and attachment issues. Please consider reaching out to him. D. Jones - Karen Purvis institute of Child Development

You are incredibly brave and strong to be alive with what you’ve experienced. You deserve to live a long and happy life, to love and be loved by others, to trust & to truly heal from the horrors of your childhood. I am in awe of you. All the love I can send through the internet, I’m sending your way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Meryl: In Sophie's Choice, your emotions seemed to bubble up and almost visually spill out from just below the surface, as if you had nearly translucent skin - the most amazing use of physicality and emotion that I've ever seen on film. Was this a deliberate technique, and how did you accomplish this? Thank you!!

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Thank you for your work. Here’s my question: How can everyone hold strong to our foundations as a country with all of this obvious gaslighting and incredible trickery going on with the GOP? This weekend left me feeling unmoored, and I fear it’ll only get worse.