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They were both relieved.

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What's the feasibility of getting less trash dumped into the harbor? It sounds like a lot of it is local. Why?

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The Pacific is an HBO series (free with Amazon Prime) which includes a depiction of a psychological progression from civil decency to vicious brutality and back, from this group of Americans toward the Japanese. They're trapped on a Japanese island for months or years, desperately asking "why won't they just SURRENDER?!" It's just all about "I'ma kill me some Japs". It's a major trauma and stress response for them, as war is.

This guy gets home and applies to a VA job placement. They ask him what marketable skills the marines may have taught him and he says "weapons, explosives, they taught me to kill Japs. I got really good at it." and walks out.

I can't remember if Band of Brothers does likewise.

It gives a clue. :( But still, I totally hear you.

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But where does it all come from? Why is the harbor drowning in trash? What exactly can be done and is being done about that?

Is it accidentally spilling off of barges that are trying to carry it away? Does anyone dump it there by policy? Does a lot of it swim in from elsewhere? Is this too broad of a question about individual behavior of millions of people?