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smothersday48 karma

@Doublelift (and potentially Steve):

During the free agency period you tweeted some pictures hinting at joining TL, as well as one of the Rush Hour movie posters. I, among some others, thought nothing of it until the TL announcement actually happened. Maybe the TL deal hadn't fallen through yet and the tweets were just meant to be a joke at the time, but if it wasn't: was it ever possible that Rush Hour would unite on TL?


I don't know if this was already answered in any videos or interviews, but if you're able to disclose this information, why were Flame and Cody Sun not kept on the team? Perhaps it was a salary thing or the remaining 3 members of IMT didn't want to play with the others anymore, but it seemed like it would make sense to at least keep Cody as he already has synergy with Olleh.