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I assume continued indoctrination of young minds by the media. We've already been selectively presented western military actions as "good" for our entire lives.

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The fact is that the vast majority of legal groups oppose minimum sentencing and 3 strikes laws. They're designed to remove the discretion from the professional whose job is to use discretion. As far as I'm aware, there is no evidence supporting these laws in terms of lowered crime rates or recidivism after long jail terms.

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Oh my lord yes! I would buy that game for my family, friends, and dog

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The vast majority of the time someone pulls their pants up they don't get shot. But just watch some /r/PublicFreakout or /r/bodycam videos, sooo many people who are in trouble for other stuff end up having a pistol illegally. Very very few people will randomly try to murder a cop, but wow. So many guns.