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Well thanks for answering my question and glad you were able to turn it around

PS- Loving the passive aggressive down votes while everyone avoids the truth. Reddit- Your own personal safe space

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I just signed up the other day. My entire post history is in this thread except one post. So good work there detective

I think I'm going to like it here.

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I dont hate fat people at all. My funniest friends are fat husky dudes who love beer and pizza. Not everyone is concerend about their health and its their inherent right to do whatever they please. But its not impressive to me when people seek attention for losing weight. Great you lost weight and will probably live longer because of it. Which brings me back to my original question intended for the OP, not you or anyone else

op- why do you think anyone cares that you lost weight you put on all by yourself?

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I can tell you actually work out

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losing excess weight is easier than putting on muscle. I have grasped that concept, clearly you have not.

And of course you dont care about my muscle gain. Fatty's have to stick together, i understand