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They put everybody from the same flight into the same unit to prevent cross transmission. There has been a discussion about letting people have an option of staying in quarantine in hotels with a fee, however it is not easy to implement in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi since quarantine facilities shouldn’t be closed to busy resident areas. I read on the news there were some European tourist groups got to stay in resorts in Hoi An but the resort owners need to volunteer, the government can’t force them. If someone is infected, they will have to burn everything that person touched. Foreigners don’t have to pay for their quarantine stay but will be charged for treatment if they are tested positive with the virus. There has been some discrimination against foreigners and Vietnamese coming back from the West since some entitled people complaint about their stay in the quarantine, despite medical workers, volunteers, soldiers and the government are doing their best to keep their people safe. About tipping the workers there, do not give them money or your belonging. After 14 days, when you can get out already, come back with some care packages, medical masks (some of them have to reuse masks due to shortage), food, drink as a thank you, just observe what they need at that facility you are staying. You and your friends can also donate to our governmental account dedicated this work.

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You can donate by bank transfer to one of the first 3 bank account in this FB post:


You can also donate via sms by texting “CV n” to 1407 with n means n*20.000 For example: CV 1 = 20.000 vnd CV 2 = 40.000 CV 5 = 100.000

Please do not send your money to any account other than the government one since it could be a scam.