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Have they given you stuff to do? Books/games? You've obviously got internet access.

Are you allowed to wander round the facility or confined to rooms?

How are meals organised?

Is someone checking you for symptoms?

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Thanks for answering. I know it sucks not to be I your own home, but that doesn't sound too bad so far (might be different by day 13!). At least you can get out into the grounds. Treat it like an amazing escapist holiday adventure to relax and recharge

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Wow thats a really different experience from the OP! Mich more a lock down situation. Are people able to send you care packages?

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So many questions!

Is there a timeline for how quickly relationships develop, from meeting to being serious and committed? Is there a correlation between speed of relationship development and longevity?

What are your views on polyamory and parallel committed relationships?