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Has anyone ever thought to try to get the Mormons to go in evangelize them? or maybe even the Jehovah's witnesses? You know how they go around and people knocking on doors? Have them knock on all the Scientologists doors ,songke-mindedly why not? likewise how come the scientologists haven't targeted the Mormons? They could gain a lot of ground in Utah.

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This may be too general, But what inspires you to interpret the entire piece and the way you do. Whether to go faster or slower in some places whether to do a piece really really fast or slow down in places. Or whether to do it exactly to the letter of the original score. Or whether to put your own spin on it. What is the thing that gets you to look at a piece as a whole and say I'm going to modify it so it swells here and quiets down here. It speeds up here and slows down more here or I think the oboes should really stand out on this bit because I like it/am hot for the oboe player. And then how do you translate that to the orchestra I mean how many rehearsals does it take. And have you ever watched the Amazon series "Mozart in the jungle?" :)