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slutsmasher222 karma

Mr Kirby, final year ANU law student here. I have some questions relating to Australian law students if that's okay?

  1. Are law schools taking on too many students these days? I am graduating next semester and have many (talented) friends panicking over their employment prospects. 2. What differentiates good mooters/barristers from the very best? 3. Does a graduate lawyer still have a realistic option to become a barrister down the track if you want to spend a few years in a corporate law firm? 4. What is your opinion of the large Australian corporate law firms? I have heard that various HC judges have disdain for many. Do you have any favourites? Thanks!!!

slutsmasher221 karma

Krantz, in a deucescracked video where you commentated with ariel about his match against tie53, bit of a famous hand.

Q67hh-Tss, Tie53 check raises a committing size on the turn. we fold Q6

do you still think this was a close fold with Q6 or do you appreciate now that it was probably wrong

love you guys