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slowdownmrtoad8 karma

What's with the VAG cars? Heritage? Are those old bubble Celicas still around. Seems like they'd be hella light. Do you collect cars or use them like they should be and then you're done with them?

slowdownmrtoad5 karma

That's quite a testimony to their toughness. I've always thought of those cars as having lots of little, annoying and hard to predict issues, but it's great to know they are that tough. Amazing engineering that in my opinion hasn't gone through enough iterations. I used to have an old golf and the longer I had that car the more I liked it, until suddenly I didn't.

Another question: As an outsider I would consider you to be a key catalyst in driving growth for your sport (and gender) and therefore extremely, extremely valuable to the future. How does the culture of the racing and rallying community generally perceive your status. Do you feel you get enough support and feel like it is a joy to give back, or is it more of a fight, like that of a trailblazer. Maybe both? Maybe something else? Thank you!