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Hi Anatole, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. What would you say surprised you most about American culture when you came here, vs. what you had heard while you were in the USSR?

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Hey Bill. First off, thanks so much for everything you do for society. You've turned your profound success into opportunities for millions more to succeed.

As for my question - I completely agree with the stance you and Melinda discussed in your annual letter, where you stress that the onus of owning future change lies in the hands of the greater population. Too often, though, I feel that even though hundreds, thousands, or sometimes millions of people can hold opinions and strive for change, corporations still hold the vast power for change. You touched on it briefly in #7, but how do you convince corporations to look beyond short-term equity growth into the big picture of their role as changemakers within an increasingly border-less world?

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Thanks so much for your reply. Moments like this really make me appreciate the inter-connectivity that the internet has given us.

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Do you have a favorite quotation or saying?

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