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Follow-up: Is this story as big of a deal as the author makes it to be: https://theintercept.com/2017/01/26/donald-trump-is-using-a-private-gmail-account-to-secure-the-most-powerful-twitter-account-in-the-world/

How sloppy/unsafe is it for these officials to be using gmail accounts for these kinds of purposes?

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You’ve spent a lot of time with the extreme right wing, neo nazis, and the like. Do you know, or can you speculate on, how they view Richard Spencer getting punched or the attacks on people at the Yiannopoulos speech at Berkeley?

And in general, do you have a sense of how they feel about the current political situation in the United States? Would you ever revisit the Nazis of Louis and the Nazis?

Love your work.

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What made you pursue this story and how has it been trying to get it exposure?

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I think it's more ironic than contradictory that Russia is giving refuge to an American seeking protection from the United States. Snowden doesn't support the Russian government, it's that government that apparently has some support for him. If he were to support its policies, then maybe a reconciliation would be needed, but why would his physical location make a difference to the quality of his actions? He sought out asylum in other countries as well.

The proper question would be, How do you reconcile that Russia's actions were supposedly taken in the name of transparency, accountability, liberty, democracy, etc., yet they have no value for human rights in internal policy?